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We create DESIGN. We provide PROJECT MANAGEMENT services. We produce tailor made FURNITURE. We CONSTRUCT your office.

Project Design

Creating ideas into color and shape is an art. We have mastered this for hundreds of thousands of hours.

Unique office interiors

The first step is observation. Then comes the analysis. Defining the needs creates an assignment.

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Project Management

What makes this process special is the power of control over money & time.

Defining the boundaries of time and money

The art of defining what is enough is not easy. This is why we love what we do.

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This part is strong ally in the process of creating your dream space. If we cannot buy it, we create it.

Custom made tailored solutions

When we cannot find to buy it, we build it. Every project comes to a moment, when the special design needs to be created.

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A major and necessary player in the whole project. Includes all special projects and finishes.

Analytic approach

The proper design can optimize and make the project efficient. Complex solutions can be simplified to small steps.

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Every project is special. Every step is a challenge. The search for perfection is the ultimate goal.


Our Core Values

Observation. Analysis. Patience. Perfection.

Our Corporate Clients Say

“We have been working with Sashecco ltd. since 2010. During this period, we have completed a large number of complex project inside the office of EY in Sofia.”

Nikola Kouyoumdjiev • Procurement and Facilities MANAGER, Ernst & Young BULGARIA

“Sashecco ltd. have been top quality professionals for the past 10 years. We have completed successfully more than 40 project in 20 countries on 4 continents.”

Zsanett Walter • Facilities Director at Clinical Contract Research Organization, TFS - Clinical Contract Research Organization

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The business development is a long run. We are here to stay.

We reach our goals & we set new ones to achieve. This is how you become an office master.


Trusted Partners

In order to complete the projects we rely on trusted subcontractors.

Creating Inspiring Office Spaces

We master the science of construction for the past 18 years. We extensively specialize into office space remodeling for 12 years. We are top professionals in the filed .

A small step equals into huge impact.

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