There is no shortcut to happiness.

In the past couple of months, the enthusiasm from starting the next big project was drowned into reality. Even in the worst possible situation, there is a way to get out and find a solution. The key to do so is to stay cool.

Just after the first storm comes, don`t overreact with quick moves. Stay calm and analyse. The project is a marathon. It requires patience and endurance.

Like a magic, after the clouds disappear, you start to see and find solutions, that you never saw before. You take every possibility and use it against the odds. In the end, you have solved a problem, that seemed unsolvable in the beginning.

Be honest, don`t spare the truth from your client and never save an effort to deliver in the best possible way a solution. Then, you will be the ONE.

Big problems, need small steps to be solved.

In the very first moment of a project management crisis, the situation always seems worse, than it truly is. The experience from solving thousands of issues, from some point on is a major base, which helps you be cool when everybody else is in great panic.

  • To solve a problem, you need to stay calm.

  • Psychology matters even more that you can imagine.

  • Words, can solve problems greater than a mountain.

  • Think, Think, Think. ACT!