There will be a new trend in the office space market

After the first wave of the novel coronavirus the home office capabilities of the business has been pushed to the limits. While top world pharmaceutical companies and laboratories fight to create a vaccine, the CFO`s struggle to expand the remote access capabilities of their current infrastructures.

In the past 20 years we`ve seen a couple of trends to go by, but there is a new one coming. It is going to re-think the way we`ve worked. Probably it will not happen overnight, the same as the vaccine, but if 5% of our clients have been promoting  “home office”since 2012, there was a huge resistance in the employees.

The ratio was 30 home based per 100. And they never succeeded in “selling” it. Now the pancake has been flipped. The new employees DEMAND to have a dedicated home office days through out the year.

Well i asked one of my top clients: Is this going to permanently work? The answer was 100% clear: NO! I wasn`t surprised. I am an employer myself and i see, that the output of my team drops dramatically, if there is no supervision.

And it is not because, they are cheating or something. It is because they are more efficient with my guidance. And offline, it is not the same. So maybe, for some business, in the long term it will be an option, but for the general public: going to the office = education.

Through education you can achieve efficiency. And the education indeed never stops.  It is a process. And because people are not the same, some will be always seeking, looking and drinking knowledge from the source. The closer the source, the more meaningful the education is.

I`ve felt it personally, probably so did you.

Office space will have to be optimized

The optimization of office space in the next couple of years with the new upcoming projects with 100,000+ of new space will create the perfect storm.

  • The home based employees will continue to grow

  • Newcomers will demand to have the option to work remotely

  • The education is a never ending process!

  • The business will try to catch the wave…