Smart planning is a must.

Why it is important to hire a professional to do a layout? If you plan to rent an office space for example for 100 workstations it does not matter if you relocate or stay into the same building. What matters is that you`re probably going to choose from 4-5 locations offered to you by your broker. When applied to the different buildings, these workstations will result in 988 sq.m. in the 1-st location, 1021 sq.m. in the 2-nd and so on. It means that the possible space to be rented will be different in each location. So the first benefit of the office space optimization is that you`re going to make an informed choice. You will know in advance what the rent might be in 5 possible locations. What is more important is that you might have thought that you needed 1200 sq.m. for 100 workstations, but in the building you liked the most it turned out that 1155 are just enough to suite all your needs. All of a sudden it turned out that you just saved 23,535 euro (the architect’s fee is deducted into the calculation). And this sum is more than enough to make your office beautiful.

Every project demands attention…

By defining what you need, you will be able to design the space to fit your needs. By doing so, you will have just enough of everything. Not more, not less. It has never been more necessary to save space and money from cutting unnecessary space. If extra space is left, it can be converted into function.

  • Using professionals saves money and time.

  • Squeezing space, does not mean uncomfortable.

  • Hiring the top architect in the business is a smart move.

  • Selecting the right location will define your business in years to come.